“Vitalità 2015 – 2016” catalogue

We are proud to conclude this very fruitful year of our artistic activity with a publication of a catalogue documenting all Vitalita exhibitions and events from december 2015 to december 2016. You can see and download the digital version here:

Vitalita 2015 -2016 bookVitalita 2015 - 2016 book

We would like to thank many wonderful people for being part of this project:

Paola Falcone, Luca Mazzuoli e lo staff di Banca Generali Private Banking
Sebastiano Pulvirenti
Carlo Ballantini

Casole D’Elsa:
Pietro Pii, Sergio Turi, Guido Mansueto, Roberto Cavicchioli – Comune di Casole d’Elsa
Francesca Cundari, Patrick Pii – iSculpture Gallery
Susanna Santini – Panizzi
Perrinel Rumley Taylor e Osteria Caffe Casolani
Elena Degl’Innocenti, Chiara Pilia, Marco Ferracci, Max Pinucci – Animation Lights Project
Antonella Natangelo
Elisa Malatesti
Stephen Briggs

San Gimignano:
Genziana Pompei – Centro Comerciale Naturale San Gimignano
Carolina Taddei – Comune di San Gimignano
Mons. Mauro Fusi, Susan Scott – Parrocchia di Santa Maria Assunta
Katharina Mlitz-Hussain

Borgo Pignano:
Michael Moritz, Luciano Lusardi e lo staff di Borgo Pignano
Sara Scardigli – Contemporary Wine
Sharon e Gary Kilby – Arthouse PR
Antonella Tronci e Axe Ballet
Simone Solazzo
Patrizio Castrovinci
Jacob Ventura
Mirko Machetti

Allestimenti e gestione delle mostre:
Irmina Buzarewicz
Chiara Barneschi
Elia Roggi
Gabriele Cirillo
Davide Baccheschi
Emanuele Tanganelli
Andrea Castellucci
Giacomo Roggi
Isaia Roggi

Stampa di cataloghi e inviti:
Bandecchi Vivaldi

Consulenza grafica:

Ela Bialkowska | Okno Studio
Olga Niescier
Ambra Lorenzetti
Tania De Decker
Elena Degl’Innocenti
Ivan Franci
Virginio Paolo Tonveronachi
Max Pinucci
Simone Stanislai

Olga Niescier


The launch of Borgo Pignano Art Gallery – ART & WINE | VITALITÀ


Art&Wine Borgo Pignano 16.10.2016_video Art & Wine

On behalf of the artists and organisers we would like to thank you for joining us at the official launch of the new Art Gallery at Borgo Pignano.
It was a wonderful meeting of artistic expression, great flavours and the beauty of nature, all united in a moment of true celebration of life – Vitalita.
Thank you for being part of Borgo Pignano’s world.

Olga Niescier – painting
Andrea Roggi – sculpture
Axe Ballet and Antonella Anton Tronci – contemporary ballet
Ghandarva Project, Simone Solazzo, Patrizio Castrovinci and Jacob Ventura – live music
Contemporary Wine and Sara Scardigli – wine tasting

and all the dedicated staff Borgo Pignano.

photo: Simone Stanislai, Ambra Lorenzetti






Sunday, 16 October 2016
3:00 – 7:00 pm

To celebrate the official launch of Borgo Pignano’s new Art Gallery the Pignano estate will be hosting an afternoon of culture where you can view a collection of inspiring art and sculpture whilst sampling some of the region’s finest contemporary wines, all accompanied by enchanting music and a
modern ballet performance.


Art&Wine event

VITALITÀ ART EXHIBITION | OLGA NIESCIER painting & ANDREA ROGGI sculpture  – Discover the new art gallery located in the splendid estate of Borgo Pignano, visit a unique exhibition of art and sculpture and meet the artists.

MUSIC AND BALLET | GHANDARVA PROJECT, KEVIN MUCAJ violin & AXE BALLET  – Listen to a live music performance of baroque violin and an ensemble of ethnic instruments and enjoy the improvisation of contemporary ballet dancers.

WINE TASTING | CONTEMPORARY WINE  – Sample a selection of over 30 organic wines from Tuscany during an afternoon of wine tasting and a presentation by the winemakers.

detailed programme: pignano event wine and art press release – ENG

Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 1.49.47 PM




“Vitalità” in Borgo Pignano, where art, nature and luxury are one

Borgo Pignano, a beautiful luxury Tuscan Hotel, celebrates the opening of its exclusive art Gallery with a unique edition of ‘Vitalita’ – exhibition of my paintings and Andrea Roggi’s sculptures.

vitalita exhibition borgo pignano


Located in the heart of the Tuscan countryside near the Medieval towns of San Gimignano and Volterra, Borgo Pignano is a unique country estate where art and creativity can be found in abundance. A luxurious hotel offering elegant accommodation, Pignano is a natural magnet for artists, where its serene environment offers inspiration for both creating and exhibiting.

This September see’s the launch of Pignano’s new Art Gallery and exhibition space located in a beautifully restored historic farm building. The Gallery offers a tranquil yet sophisticated environment for artists to exhibit their work and allows hotel guests the privilege of viewing exceptional art during their stay. In addition to the new gallery space you will also find private collections of 20th Century British art sitting harmoniously alongside artwork from emerging international artists throughout the 18th century Tuscan Villa.

In collaboration with the Royal Drawing School in London, Pignano also offers scholarships and residencies for up-and-coming artists, supporting and encouraging art and culture in many forms.

The new Pignano gallery features classic vaulted ceilings and original brickwork floors and is surrounded by beautiful gardens, woodlands and open countryside.

The ancient terrain surrounding Pignano pays testament to the deep-rooted philosophy that ‘everything comes from the land’ and this message is beautifully depicted within the Vitalità art exhibition now hosted within Pignano’s gallery space. Here you will find a unique and harmonious fusion of inspiring works by painter Olga Niescier and sculptor Andrea Roggi.


vitalita borgo pignano 2


15.VIII – 31.X.2016

Borgo Pignano  |  Loc. Pignano, 6 | Volterra, Pisa

open daily 10.00 – 20.00

for appointment with the artists please contact +39.338.117.9741


Logo Borgo Pignano


Tree of Peace – the installation at the entrance of the Cathedral of San Gimignano

I am honored to present my painting together with Andrea Roggi’s sculpture in a truly special location, right at the entrance to the breathtaking cathedral of San Gimignano (Duomo di San Gimignano), among the best of Italian art history:

The installation “Tree of Peace” represents the artistic project “Vitalità” founded on the continuous research and dialogue between Olga Niescier and Andrea Roggi, whose creative visions subtly and profoundly complement each other, as each explores the vital energies which permeate and inform our human experience and God’s creation.

In a play of cross-references in perfect balance, the works of these two artists convey a strong message, becoming the representation of peace, while seeing in man and in nature the fruit and gift of God, the Creator who is an involved and vital presence in our world.

“Tree of peace” presented by The Circle of Life Art Gallery will be exposed until the end of October.

tree of peace, san gimignano


logo the circle of life art gallery




Art presence in Pietrasanta, summer 2016


Starting July 2016 a selection of my paintings is on show in The Circle of Life Art Gallery, in the magical location of Pietrasanta. The gallery features Andrea Roggi’s beautiful bronze sculptures, which are the most woderful host and company to my art.

The Circle of Life Art Gallery  |  Pietrasanta  |  Via del Marzocco 18

logo the circle of life art gallery




My art in YOUR ART MAISON, starting July 2016

I am flattered to have my art introduced and presented in Your Art Maison, an exceptional art gallery based in Warsaw and London.

your art maison


Your Art Maison is an extraordinary gallery delivering international level of art. It is set up by a mother and daughter – art passionates, who decided to create a very unique place, in which artwork appears in all its aspects. Gallery exhibits contemporary art inspired by surrounding nature, human being in general, everyday life, imagination and vision. YAM works closely with established artists from all over the world, focused on paintings and objects. Artists displaying exceptional talent and unique technical skills. Gallery also collaborates with developers as their art advisors, and is commited to work on the highest level the same way as to artists appearing here. YAM organises and hosts artists’ exhibitions as well as pop up galleries.  YAM helps their clients-collectors to build their distinguished art collections, because of belief in the life-enhancing value of art.






“Ballet” – contemporary dance performance by Axe Ballet

11 ballet

One of the most beautiful projects of 2016, my scenic concepts brought to life thanks to Antonella Tronci, Axe Ballet and Animation Lights Project. My father’s photographs animated in digital scenography and in costume.

“Ballet” – dance performance by Axe Ballet
concept: Olga Niescier based on photography by Tadeusz Niescier
choreography: Antonella Tronci – Axe Ballet
costumes: Olga Niescier
projections: Elena Degl’Innocenti, Max Pinucci – Animation Light Project
premiere: Teatro Verdi, Montecatini Terme, June 2016
photo: Andrea Gianfortuna

02 ballet