Exhibition “Art for Young”, Parco della Creatività di Andrea Roggi

The autumn of 2015 begins with an exposition of my paintings at a charming Tuscan location of Parco della Creatività, an art hub in the laboratory of Andrea Roggi, a remarkable sculpturer and the founder of The Circle of Life Gallery. An enriching experience of a dialogue between painting and sculpture in a vibrant environment of sculpturer’s atelier.

ART FOR YOUNG  |  12.09 – 11.10.2015  |  Parco della Creatività  |  Via SP 25, 236A, Manciano (AR), Italy

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Exhibition “Art object and in becoming” 2th edition, Art House, Bagno Vignoni


Starting from September 2015 the Art House Gallery in Bagno Vignoni holds a constant exposition of my paintings.

It is a pleasure to continue collaborating with Art House, where I have the satisfaction of presenting my works
next to such names as Warhol or Dali. Bagno Vignoni is the most sublime location an artist can imagine,
merging the landscape and architecture in pure poetry.
ART HOUSE  |  Piazza del Moretto, 40  |  Bagno Vignoni (SI), Italy