INTEMPORA – winter collective exhibition in San Gimignano


From December 19 to January 6 some of my paintings will be exhibited again in magical San Gimignano, participating in the collective exhibition INTEMPORA, held by the cultural association “Il Cenacolo Art Gallery”.

Opening at 5 pm, Saturday, 24.10.2015.

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VITALITÀ, IL COLORE ED IL BRONZO PRENDONO VITA – VERNISSAGE, 11.XII.2015, Banca Generali Private Banking, Arezzo

Friday, the 11th of December, in the new venue of Banca Generali Private Banking of Arezzo, the exhibition VITALITÀ opened with an unforgettable evening filled with emotions, friendship and inspiring dialogue between my paintings and Andrea Roggi’s stunning sculptures.
To capture the atmosphere of the very first moments of the evening and the satisfaction of the team that prepared the event was our friend, gifted photographer Ivan Franci.

Warm thank you to:

all the team of Banca Generali of Arezzo, especially to Paola Falcone who conceived and executed the idea of the exhibition;
Lucia Franci, Ela Bialkowska, Chiara Pilia, Max Pinucci and Tipografia Bandecchi Vivaldi for great contribution to creating the catalogue and communication;
Chiara Barneschi and Davide Baccheschi for the effort given to the set up of exhibition;
and Andrea Roggi for this amazing shared creative experience.


vitalita poster