Tree of Peace – the installation at the entrance of the Cathedral of San Gimignano

I am honored to present my painting together with Andrea Roggi’s sculpture in a truly special location, right at the entrance to the breathtaking cathedral of San Gimignano (Duomo di San Gimignano), among the best of Italian art history:

The installation “Tree of Peace” represents the artistic project “Vitalità” founded on the continuous research and dialogue between Olga Niescier and Andrea Roggi, whose creative visions subtly and profoundly complement each other, as each explores the vital energies which permeate and inform our human experience and God’s creation.

In a play of cross-references in perfect balance, the works of these two artists convey a strong message, becoming the representation of peace, while seeing in man and in nature the fruit and gift of God, the Creator who is an involved and vital presence in our world.

“Tree of peace” presented by The Circle of Life Art Gallery will be exposed until the end of October.

tree of peace, san gimignano


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